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Our Story

The story of Avata starts with a discussion at a restaurant table between Sung Feng Wu, a seasoned executive with a long career in Fintech and Joachim, a former professional gamer and coach, now multi-entrepreneur in gaming-related ventures. The problem they identified was that people were increasingly investing in their digital lives and assets, but there was a lack of security and protection. "We wanted to provide individuals with peace of mind and a safety net for their valuable digital investments."


This realisation led to the idea of an insurance solution specially designed to cover the risk of digital assets losses. Their initial idea transformed into an innovative solutions that provides a customised local insurance offering for every digital asset owner.

Our Management

Avata’s team brings together top professionals with an extensive wealth of expertise in Fintech, Insurtech, and Gaming on a mission to provide innovative solutions to connect insurance products to digital asset owners.

Our Developers

With a deep understanding of the latest technology trends and innovations, Avata's expert software development team is dedicated to ensuring that our platform remains ahead of the curve!

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