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Connecting Digital Citizens with peace of mind

Avata is a technical gateway providing customised insurance solutions to digital asset owners.

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Insurance for digital citizens

Everyone who owns a digital asset - whether it is a digital collectible, in-game item or digital twin passport, deserves peace of mind that they are protected against the theft of their assets.

That’s where Avata comes in. We connect insurance providers with digital citizens and the world of Web3, enabling the distribution of customized insurance solutions to digital asset owners in a fast, secure, and cost-effective way. We are the world’s first and only embedded NFT insurance enabler. 

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Diverse insurance solutions 
to protect an array of digital assets

Avata enables coverage for many kinds of fast developing NFT use cases, such as:

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Digital Product Passports

Creating blockchain-backed Digital Product Passports (DPP) for physical goods offers benefits, such as: 

e-certificate of authenticity & ownership, traceability, visibility, additional CRM capabilities, and community building opportunities. DPPs can be greatly enhanced with embedded insurance solutions, protecting both the DPP and physical product against theft, loss, or damages.

Digital Art & Collectibles

NFTs are enabling artists to create, sell, and protect their digital artworks on the blockchain, ensuring provenance, authenticity, and now the possibility to add insurance coverage.

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NFTs empower players to own and trade in-game assets, like skins, avatars, champions, and cosmetics, using blockchain technology to secure and enhance the value of their virtual possessions.


NFTs revolutionize ticketing by providing secure and traceable digital event passes. Advantages include enhanced security, streamlined user journey, fraud prevention, and integrated insurance for event organizers and attendees.

NFT Tickets
Travel NFT


NFTs simplify travel by consolidating itinerary details, flights, accommodations, and experiences in a secure digital token. Benefits encompass streamlined travel management, authenticity verification, and added protection through integrated insurance for travelers.

Music & Entertainement

Musicians and content creators are empowered to sell exclusive tracks, concert tickets, and content directly to their fans, granting greater control over their work, and enabling secure, insured transactions that extend to ticket sales, covering losses, resale challenges, no-shows, and beyond.

How it work

For digital asset sellers and marketplaces, Avata removes the burden of integrating with many partners

We are leveraging the capabilities of our trusted insurance partners to serve the evolving needs of digital assets owners in Web3 and the metaverse. 


For companies that sell digital assets directly or through marketplaces, Avata is a way to generate ancillary revenue by offering tailored insurance solutions.

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Digital citizens

From casual gamers, art aficionados, streetwear & fashion enthusiasts, a top 1% fans of an musical artist, travellers, concert go-ers, and so, so many more -

Avata offers the solution to navigate the next era of digital ownership with peace of mind, without worrying about hacks, theft, or digital risk.

In Web2, Web3, metaverse, and in-between. 

Tokenized Digital Assets
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Our Partners & Investors

We partner with best-of-breed companies in both the Web3 and Insurance spaces to pioneer the first generation of digital asset insurance. Join us at the forefront of Insurtech innovation, and take part in the digital asset insurance revolution!

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